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a bug hotel made of wood, sticks, rocks, and pinecones
WARNING: this website is home to various types of bugs

✫✫✫ a brief introduction ✫✫✫

You've reached a website dedicated to all organisms, formations, and concepts that grow in the night. Visitors are invited to look around, unwind, ground themselves in loamy soil, or just take a quick breather before continuing down their own path.

This website is the ongoing project of run by an easily overstimulated insect belonging to the apidae family. The webmaster is usually exhausted by the rapid-paced internet as well as the demands of life outside the net, which is why they decided to create an online space that can nurture the things they love.

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If something appears weird or missing, make sure you have javascript enabled. If the problem persists, the webmaster probably left something broken or unfinished. My bad! (>_<")>

recent updates

- added a section for sharing my craft projects (and in the process learned how to make a pure css accordian menu), changed section to show full feed, altered the tooltip yet again, made more tiny layout tweaks 'cuz im never satisfied

- site now has a weblog! also made layout more flexbox-centric, added colour emphasis to text for improved readability, got CORS working properly, added a moon phase widget to homepage because i thought it was cute, added advice for viewing to homepage, revealed more personal info in 'about webmaster' page, somehow made tooltip both better and worse

- added an 'about webmaster' page, added new icons and images, added a tooltip even though it doesn't always work because fuck it, decided to link my tumblr because fuck it, made lots of css tweaks that nobody will notice but me

- official site launch! not much to see yet, but there's a homepage and credit page that i'm fairly happy with